Imam Khamenei

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Imam Khamenei

Imam Khamenei

Personal Information

Descendants of Profete Muhammad (SAW)
Born on July 17, 1939 at Mashahd, Iran
Has Four Sons
Has two daughters

Revolutionary activities

Was imprisoned six times by Pahlavi regime
Was deported two times by Pahlavi regime
Member of Revolutionary Council
Founder of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom

Political Life

Key figure in the Iranian Revolution
Deputy martyr Chamran
Head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards
Founder of the Republican Party
Secretary General of the Islamic Republic Party
Representation in Parliament
Imam Khomeini's representative in the Supreme Defense Council
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran for eight years
Second Leader Of Islamic Republic of Iran


Military leader of Iran-Iraq war for about 8 years.


Imam Khamenei was victim of an unsuccessful assassination
He was permanently injured, losing the use of his right arm

Religion Life

The most prominent and popular Marja in Islam World
Teaching Religion's Course since 1972
Friday prayer leader of Tehran

Muslim Leader of a country which has

74 Millions Shia Muslims
1 Million Sunni Muslims
120 000 Christian
30 000 Zoroastrian
9 000 Jew

Cultural Life

Writer of 29 books
including 4 translated from Arabic
Reader of most famous roman from entire world
Speaks arabic and turkish as well as persian
Write two letter to the Youth in Europe and North America, #letter4u

Personal Life

Mountaineering regularly in tehran's height

Opinion of world officials

Vladimir PUTIN: “I don’t know much about the Messiah, the Christ, just what I have heard or read in the Bible, but I saw Christ, the Messiah, in the leader of Iran.”
Kufi Annan : I have met … many world leaders whom I came to respect such as Jacques Chirac, the French president, Mikhail Gorbachev, the head of state of the U.S.S.R., and Helmut Kohl, chancellor of Germany, but none of these men touched me the way Ayatollah Khamenei did. In my meeting with him, I forgot about everything else as I was overwhelmed by his spirituality.”

We call him

"Agha", "آقا" meening Sir, Seignior, Don, Signor in persian
and Imam, "امام" meaning Leader
and Supreme Leader of Revolution
and our Life for EVER!

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